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6 Common Kitchen Remodeling Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

A gorgeous kitchen can be the centerpiece of a home. But the process of remodeling is not an easy one. With all the measurements, plans, and decisions made, it can be hard to navigate.
Kitchen remodeling mistakes are all too common. But they can be avoided. Here are the 6 most common mistakes made and what you can do to avoid them.

1. Bad Fridge Placement

Your fridge is part of your kitchen work triangle, so placing it in the wrong place can throw off your entire kitchen. You may make more work for yourself by deviating from the work triangle.

Also, consider what's around the fridge. A clear path will make your life much easier. You don't want the fridge e door to bump into cabinets or walls, which would make accessing the fridge harder.

2. Forgetting Counter Space

Counter space is prime real estate in a kitchen. You're going to need it for both storage and workspace. And the less counter space you have, the harder these two essentials will be.

Be sure to have counters that are deep enough that you can have ample space for appliances, ingredients, and cooking. And if you have the room in your redesign, try to add more counter space with islands or additional cabinets.


3. Only One Type of Storage

Of course, cabinetry is a necessary part of the kitchen. But it shouldn't be the only storage you have available. Mixing storage style will not only give visual interest to a space but also give you options of where to keep everything.

Incorporate pantries, open wall shelving, or rolling carts to give you lots of options for organization. You'll be able to have a place for dry ingredients, fresh herbs, and cooking necessities. So don't just stick to under-counter cabinet storage in the kitchen.


4. Not Including Outlets

Kitchens need a lot of power. And forgetting about your outlets until the last minute will make working in your kitchen a nightmare. You'll need outlets for everyday appliances and lesser-used gadgets.

You wouldn't want to blow a fuse in the middle of baking a birthday cake or roasting pork for dinner. So be sure that your kitchen can handle the amount of electricity you need to cook. And plan to have enough outlets, so you don't have to play musical plugs.


5. Poor Communication

Whether you're DIYing your design with your family or hiring a contractor, you need good communication. The best way to get a finished product you love is by being clear about what you want. Communicate well throughout the entire project.

Be clear about sticking to your kitchen remodeling budget or what you really think about the options for lighting. It's not demanding; it's avoiding future problems.


6. Neglecting the People Who Will Use It

A good kitchen design keeps the users in mind. Creating a space that is aesthetically beautiful but difficult to use will render it useless. If the space is for a family, you'll want even the smallest members to feel comfortable.

But a space for a city single who loves to entertain might look a little different. Keep this in mind when choosing finishes, materials, and furniture for your kitchen.


No More Kitchen Remodeling Mistakes

Remodels are hard, but they don't have to be stressful. These tips will do away with kitchen remodeling mistakes and give you a space you love the first time. Enjoy a beautifully designed kitchen at the heart of your home.
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