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Nine Important Factors to Consider Before Renovating Your Kitchen

Your kitchen should reflect your lifestyle and complement your home’s architecture. Renovating a kitchen is a complicated process and needs a detailed plan to ensure you get the most out of your kitchen space. The assistance of a professional kitchen contractor to remodel your kitchen is quite important. You can add amenities such as custom cabinets, countertops, tile work and flooring to your kitchen space. If you are looking for a reliable renovation and construction contractor in Quebec, get in touch with RD Construction Inc. We provide ergonomic designs and classic materials to make your dream kitchen a reality.

Consider these factors before renovating your kitchen:

1. Budget

Many elements can affect your kitchen renovation cost. Ensure you include contractor, cabinet and material costs into your budget. Add a 10-20% additional cost to your budget for unplanned expenses. Allocate your budget accordingly to make sure your kitchen renovation is completed hassle-free!

2. Timeframe

Have a process in place to complete your kitchen renovation within the scheduled time. As a strict schedule won’t go according to plan, always have a flexible timeframe in place. Include the time required for designing your kitchen, finding a kitchen contractor, demolition, installation and painting. It’s better to stay organized and keep everything ready to meet your schedule.

3. Planning

Plan your kitchen space as per your preference. Take a look at your current kitchen and check for things that work. Some factors to consider while planning a kitchen are:

•  List out items that you want to replace
•  Before demolition, determine which are the load-bearing walls
•  Plumbing is expensive to replace, so plan your kitchen renovation accordingly
•  Ensure there is enough space for food preparation on your counters while designing them
•  Ensure there is adequate space in front of appliances such as fridge to make sure they open without any obstruction

4. Contractor

Hire a contractor who specializes in kitchen renovations and installations. A kitchen contractor can perform everything related to your renovation, including installing custom cabinetry, countertops and flooring.

5. Ventilation

While planning a kitchen renovation, make sure you have adequate ventilation in place. Ventilation is important to prevent heat and odour buildup in your kitchen. If your old kitchen has ductwork, make sure the new appliances work in its current position. Avoid installing new ductwork as it takes time and money.

6. Flooring

Select kitchen flooring based on water resistance, durability, maintenance, safety and of course – your style preference.

7. Kitchen Lighting

Choose lighting that works efficiently for a long period of time. Based on your renovation plan, your kitchen lighting can include overall room illumination or just brighten certain areas. You can also include lighting fixtures to increase the aesthetics of your kitchen.

8. Appliances

Choose kitchen appliances that go with the rest of the décor. You can choose from a wide range of colours and styles at RD Construction. Some factors to consider while choosing appliances are:

• You might need wiring and plumbing for the dishwasher
• Different types of cooktops require different depths of cabinets
• Install an electrical outlet for oven placement

9. Storage

Plan your kitchen renovation so that the storage is concealed and efficient. Include drawer storage for plates and cups and specialty storage for equipment such as espresso machine or your coffee maker.

Always opt for trends that won’t age any time soon. You can add coloured cabinets or contrasting textures in your kitchen remodel. RD Construction Inc provides reliable kitchen renovations to residential clients in Quebec. We also provide residential window installation and commercial renovations.

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