QÜNELL jamb system - the best way to finish your jambs!

Once your windows and doors are replaced you realize that the job is not done until your jambs and sills are finished properly. And this is something you should take care long before you place an order for new replacement windows and doors.

There are different ways of how to finish window jambs. Nowadays, the most popular method is to use drywall. It is a good and easy way to get even jambs at low cost. Drywall works well with any window material – wood, aluminum or vinyl.

However, its two major disadvantages do not allow professional window installers to recommend it as a top material for window jambs. Firstly, drywall is vulnerable to damages. It is true that usually there is little activity around window openings, but even the slightest impact can cause a need of repairs. Secondly, drywall has low resistance to moisture, thus, it can only be used in warm and dry premises.

As a result, drywall jambs normally last not more than 5-7 years.

The best way to have your window jambs last as long as your new replacement windows is to consider investing in QÜNELL vinyl jambs. And when I say investing, I do mean that.

QÜNELL jamb finishing system is the most technologically advanced development in the jamb manufacturing sector of the window industry. Years of thorough scientific research and profound analysis of the performance of traditional wooden jambs preceded introduction of the system to the market.

Today, QÜNELL jamb finishing system can proudly claim that it solves all the problems associated with traditional jambs and guarantees impeccable performance and unique design of your windows.

Now, let’s see why QÜNELL jamb finishing system is a number one recommended system among window experts.

1. Energy efficiency. Due to their multi-chamber structure, these jambs are an additional source of thermal insulation. Besides, all the elements of the jamb system tightly fit into each other leaving no gaps in between. Once installed, QÜNELL jambs become a single structure with a replacement window, thus, ensuring the best thermal and sound insulation.

2. Uniqueness. All the elements of QÜNELL jamb system are interconnected just like pieces of a puzzle. This ensures a complete and finished look of a window or a door opening.

3. Durability. The lifetime of QÜNELL jambs is 30 years. They never fade and are easy to maintain and operate. By installing QÜNELL jambs you are investing in a beautiful design and performance that will last long.

4. Technologically advanced. QÜNELL jamb system saves your time and money due to easy to installation. They allow you to save the integrity of all its elements and walls. No glue is required to install these jambs as everything is fastened with a latch. If you decide to replace your windows sooner than the jambs, you can easily unfasten all the elements and save them for new windows.

5. Security. Only high-quality raw materials are used in the manufacturing of QÜNELL jamb system elements. QÜNELL jambs can be safely installed in kids’ rooms, schools and hospitals.

6. Design and style. QÜNELL jambs can be laminated (with RENOLIT window film), dyed (with Feyco premium paint for uPVC products). For lamination and dyeing, you can choose from a wide range of colors and films, all of which will perfectly fit into the interior design of a premise. To put it shortly, there is a lot of room for imagination with QÜNELL jamb finishing system.

When you order new windows with RD Construction Inc, our experts will help you design the jambs that will perfectly fit your new windows and the interior design of your home or office.