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Refreshing and Innovative Basement Design Trends in 2020

Basements are more than just storage spaces and emergency shelters during a storm. With the right renovation and upgradation, they can be as happening and vibrant as the rest of your home. As many homeowners realize the need to diversify their home space, they are redefining the basement space as an extension of their home life. With RD Construction, our basement finishing contractors are guaranteed to transform your basement into a hidden paradise based on your specifications. We offer kitchen installation, windows and doors fitting, renovation services, and stretch ceiling installation services as well.

The biggest obstacle in choosing your dream basement is that there are just too many options available. So we’ve selected the most inspiring and innovative basement design trends of 2020.

Have a look at few of the basement trends to narrow down your choices:

1. Open Concept

This trend has recently come in vogue in interior design but has mainly been executed in more upper living spaces. This concept rejects the closed walls and segmented spaces of more traditional homes, opting instead for a more dynamic breathing space. Applying this to your basement has a couple of advantages. For one, it removes the feeling of claustrophobia. Two, it can make the room seem bigger. Third, it allows for a multi-purpose feel that has you seamlessly move from one aspect to another, say from a game room to an indoor bar. When you add in natural lighting options and taller ceilings, it will bring the room to life.

2. Dedicated Recreational Space

This type of basement can include a game room, a space for your hobbies, a chill pad with a TV and sofa or even an indoor fully stocked bar. It can serve as a great place to relax and unwind in after a long day. Adding in some custom lighting fixtures and surround sound speakers with the help of a basement finishing contractor can transform it into a beautiful space.

3. Guest Room/Suite

With Airbnb and similar companies on the rise, what better way to make some extra money than renting out a basement space for any visitor or traveller looking for lodging? It makes for a good return on investment for the refurbishment and renovation work done on the place. Installing a bedroom, bathroom and a small kitchen in a studio apartment style (with perhaps a separate entrance/exit) is all it takes. It can also act as a guest room for any relatives or friends who come into town.

4. Office Space

Work and home do not always have to be separated. For those involved in business or self-employment, the basement can be the perfect space to not only gain privacy but also create a work environment that raises productivity and morale. With the aid of a renovations contractor, the room can be repurposed according to the job at hand. Here, different segments benefit different aspects of a particular job or business in question.

5. Personal Gym/Indoor Sports Room

Health has become a major focus in today’s time. In a busy, fast-paced world, it becomes difficult to schedule regular workouts at the nearest gym. Thus, converting your basement into a gym is the perfect solution. The benefits of a personal gym are many – cost-effective in the long-run, no worries about hygiene or cleanliness, and a set-up built and designed as per your needs. To make workouts more fun, you can also opt for indoor sports like squash rooms, or table tennis tables, perfect for the whole family. Lastly, if there is enough space, you could supplement it with an indoor sauna or even a steam bath fitting.

With our professional services and basement finishing contractors, you can build your own space, inspired by any of the above or even a combination. We not only ensure safety standards and fire codes are met, but also enhance the overall experience with our cost-effective, timely and quality basement finishing options.

Contact us today get started on your dream basement and other home fittings, renovation and construction services. Read our blog to know more about renovating your kitchen. Make the best out of your home with RD Construction’s help.