Residential window installation

Window installation is an important step in the window replacement process. To ensure functionality and efficiency of your new windows, installation must be done by experienced window specialists.

 At RD Construction Inc, we guarantee professional and clean service, no matter whether we install windows purchased from us or from a different supplier.

If you purchase your new windows from us, you can benefit from various options of how to finish your jambs and exterior and interior sills. You can make your windows distinct and elegant by opting for beautiful uPVC jambs system Qünell. Not only will it enhance the insulating characteristics of your windows due to its multi-chamber structure, but it will also make your windows look fresh, finished and distinctive.

Another simple way of finishing your jambs is by installing new drywall. During window installation process, our team can install new drywall all around your window, do necessary plastering and prime if needed.

Sometimes, we save existing jambs and trims if there is such a possibility and if a client wishes to do so. In any case, finishing of jambs and sills is discussed in advance when the windows are purchased.