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With over 25 years of experience in the industry, RD Construction Inc has proved to be a trusted, professional, and knowledgeable team of renovation and construction professionals. We specialize in residential and commercial renovations as well as windows and doors installations, offering a full range of turnkey renovation services in the Greater Montreal Area and Greater Toronto Area.

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Residential Renovations

House Renovation

The work included remodelling of an existing bathroom during which the bathroom space was expanded, plumbing and electrics were relocated. Another small bathroom was built from scratch, a kitchen was renovated. Other general repairs were done to the rest of the house. The duration of work was about six weeks.


PROJECT TYPE: House renovation

Basement Unit Renovation

The scope of work included full basement remodelling. During the project, a new bathroom and a new kitchen were built. For this purpose, new plumbing and electrics were installed; new walls and partitions were built. An existing bathroom was fully renovated. Additionally, two window openings were expanded, new windows and an entrance door installed. The work was complete within two months.


PROJECT TYPE: Basement Renovation

Renovation Of Two Bathrooms

During this project renovation of two similar bathrooms was done. The work included complete demolition and removal of a bathroom and a shower cabin, partial replacement of plumbing, putting new tiles, vanities, toilets, fans. All the necessary finishing and cleaning work was done to make the bathrooms available for immediate use. All the work took 16 days to complete.


PROJECT TYPE: Residential Bathroom Renovation

Full Apartment Renovation

During this project, a new kitchen and new appliances were installed and full bathroom renovation was done. A new bathtub, vanity and toilet were installed in the bathroom. While doing bedroom renovation, the closets were remodelled and made wider. Vinyl tiles were used for the flooring. Moreover, we replaced an old patio door which required additional removal of some brick. Additionally, some wood was replaced on the deck and the railings were painted. It took three weeks to complete all the renovation work. The apartment was ready to move in right after the end of the work.

PROJECT LOCATION: Chambord Street, Montreal

PROJECT TYPE: Full Apartment Renovation

Bathroom Construction- St. Croix Street

Prior to beginning the work, we developed a plan on how to layout the bathroom in order to optimize the space inside and to fit newly installed washing and drying machines. The demolition began plan in hand. Afterwards, the floor was reinforced and new framing was built. Most importantly, all the wiring was redone and all the plumbing was relocated and replaced entirely. A niche was built in the shower cabin and a rainfall-style shower was installed in the ceiling. Central vacuum cleaner was lodged in the wall with the outlet facing the living room. Having done all the interior finishing work, the appliances were installed and connected. The work was done in three weeks and the bathroom was ready for use right away.

PROJECT LOCATION: St. Croix Street, Montreal

PROJECT TYPE: Full Bathroom Remodelling

Complete Basement Renovation - St. Michel

Complete basement renovation in Montreal, St. Michel.

PROJECT LOCATION: St. Michel Street, Montreal

PROJECT TYPE: Basement Renovation

Attic Renovation – Redpath Crescent Street

Wainscoting was installed on all the walls of the first floor and in the attic area. The walls were primed and painted. The work was completed in 10 days.

PROJECT LOCATION: Westmount, Montreal

PROJECT TYPE: Carpentry and Painting

Bathroom Renovation – St. Christophe Street

The work started with the demolition of the old shower cabin, toilet, vanity and tiles. All the insulation was replaced and new drywall was installed. The shower cabin was remodelled which required the shower drain and the shower faucet to be moved to the opposite side. Marble mosaic was used for the shower floor and a niche shelf was built in the wall. A suspended double-sink vanity was installed. The renovation was finished in two weeks and the bathroom was ready to use.

PROJECT LOCATION: St. Christophe Street, Montreal

PROJECT TYPE: Full bathroom renovation

House renovation – Pointe Claire

The scope of work included construction of a new master bathroom with a shower, replacement of all electrics in the entire house, repairing the ceilings with drywall, plastering and painting of the entire house, varnishing and sanding the floors and remodelling the staircase. The duration of work was 7 weeks.

PROJECT LOCATION: Pointe-Claire, Quebec

PROJECT TYPE: House renovation

Window Replacement – Blainville

Professional replacement of windows in Blainville, Quebec.

PROJECT LOCATION: Blainville, Quebec

PROJECT TYPE: Window Replacement

Commercial renovations

Commercial Bathroom Renovation – de Sorel

This project included the renovation of four commercial bathrooms during which all the electricity and plumbing had been changed. Large format 3’x8’ tile was put on the walls of one of the washrooms. Suspended Armstrong panels were chosen for the ceiling. Afterwards, commercial bathroom partitions and suspended vanities were also installed. Dyson Airblade Wash & Dry hand dryers complemented the marble countertops of the vanities. The work took five weeks.

PROJECT TYPE: Commercial Bathroom Renovation

Commercial Bathroom Construction

Construction of 7 commercial bathrooms: rue de Sorel, Montreal. During this project 7 new commercial bathrooms were built from scratch. One of the bathrooms was intended for handykept people. RD Construction was responsible for laying out the space, framing and insulation work, as well as tiling the floors and the walls. Each bathroom had a unique tile design on the walls.


PROJECT TYPE: Bathroom Construction

Full Office Renovation Of A Real Estate Agency

This office of a downtown real estate agency covers an area of 2000 sq. ft. The work included remodelling and improvement of the main working area, part of which belongs to an 18” high mezzanine. Also, the back office was fully renovated, an additional office room was built, two full bathroom renovations were done and two new kitchens were installed. Specifically, the old ventilation was replaced, new drywall ceilings were built, and new lights were installed. After this, 2’x2’ porcelain tiles were installed on the floor of the main working area as well as in the bathrooms. Also, all the required electrical and plumbing work was professionally done including the installation of a new water heater. It took eight weeks to complete all the work.


PROJECT TYPE: Full Office Renovation

Gym Construction

Construction of this gym started with the demolition of an existing bathroom, after which there were no walls left in the premise. The construction included relocation of plumbing and electrics, framing work, installation of insulation and drywall, followed by plastering, priming and painting. Furthermore, interior doors and windows were installed, as well as all the necessary appliances. During the project 3 new office rooms, 1 service room, 2 changing rooms, 2 showers and 2 toilets were created. The wall of the main space was reinforced to accommodate the installation of heavy sports equipment. The work took six weeks.


PROJECT TYPE: Full Office Renovation

Construction Of The Resting Area In An Archery Club – Hochelaga St.

This project was a renovation of a recreational and entertainment area in an archery club. New walls with 4 windows were built in a room situated at a height of 7’. Besides, existing walls were repaired, plastered and painted. The existing floor was reinforced with plywood and covered with vinyl tiles. Finally, metal ceiling was painted in white and all other finishing work was properly done. The work lasted for two weeks.

PROJECT LOCATION: Hochelaga Street, Montreal

PROJECT TYPE: General Construction

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