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Every property has an individual style and purpose that defines the type of designs and colours one chooses for its windows, doors and other elements. RD Construction Inc understands the importance of being able to choose among a range of designs that accentuate the details that make your property unique.

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We offer a wide range of colours and designs for the following:


When buying your perfect windows and doors it is worth paying attention to hardware. Our clients can choose among Roto (Germany) or Maco (Austria) hardware, both of superior lifetime quality. This hardware combines attractive design, precise technology and high resistance to corrosion.


Lamination of uPVC profiles has a lot of advantages. First of all, it can significantly improve the appearance of your property and raise its value. Also, Color Shield technology prevents the build-up of heat and reflects up to 80 percent of NIR (Near-Infrared) in sunlight, reducing the surface temperature and increasing durability. Besides, lamination foils are available in a range of colors and patterns, including popular wood-grain designs and textured embossing.


Bring colour back into your life with our extensive range of dyeing solutions for all our windows and doors! RD Construction Inc offers a wide variety of colours to choose from, thus ensuring your windows and doors always match your chosen interior and exterior design!

Jamb And Sill Finishing

The installation of a window or a door is not complete until their jambs and sills are nicely finished. At RD Construction, installation of uPVC sills and jambs is an integral component of any window / door installation service and offers the following advantages:

 Our accessories are resistant to wear-and-tear and their lifetime is not less than that of a uPVC profile;

 They contain no harmful components and produce no emissions in the sun;

 High level of durability and rigidity.

Interior Sill And Jambs

The finishing of interior sills and jambs are what creates a well-rounded look for the style of your home or office space.

Exterior Sill

Ranging from classic and elegant to edgy and modern, exterior sills make a statement to all the passer-byes. Choose among an extensive range of finishings!

UPVC Grid Inserts

Installation of grid inserts is a popular current trend. In fact, these inserts are special separators (internal and external) consisting of bars of different shapes and sizes. As a result, a window frame is divided into several fragments creating a cozy interior design. Our grid inserts come in white, gold or brown and can be 8, 18 or 24 mm wide.

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Make Your Windows And Doors Stand Out With Our Special Design Accessories!

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