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RD Construction Inc

Aluminum Profiles

Specialty Aluminum Profiles To Complement Your Every Need

RD Construction Inc is your single source aluminum profile company in Dorval, Québec, offering excellent quality solutions as per your requirements, on time and on budget. From creating hidden door frames to fusing together technology and elegance, we provide a large number of design possibilities for your residential and commercial properties.

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Versatility Meets Elegance

We propose a range of aluminum profiles of different sizes that suit your needs and compliment the design of your living and working spaces. The performance characteristics of the types of aluminum profiles RD Construction Inc offers surpass any other materials available on the market so far.

AGS Aluminum Profile

RD Construction Inc offers clients the following AGS aluminum profiles:

AGS 50

This profile is widely used in window and door manufacturing and is most suitable when thermal insulation and soundproof requirements are not strict.


 Profile depth - 51.8 mm

 Thermal resistance - 0.38 m2 °C / W

 A cold profile used for unheated rooms, as well as for inside doors and partitions.

AGS 68

AGS 68 is a warm aluminium profile used to manufacture windows and doors for heated premises.


 Profile depth : 68 mm

 Thermal resistance : 0.46 m2 °C / W

 A warm profile used for heated residential, commercial and industrial premises.

Alutech Aluminum Profile

RD Construction Inc offers clients two types of Alutech aluminum profiles:

Alutech W72

The Alutech W72 system is used to manufacture windows, doors and entrances designed for modern energy efficient and passive buildings. Due to newest technologies and materials, modern engineering methods the Alutech W72 system meets the highest requirements.


 Profile depth - 72 mm.

 5 chambers.

 Thermal resistance - 1,00 m 2 °C / W, if triple-glazed.

 IGU thickness - up to 50 mm.

 Acoustic performance - up to 43 dB.

Alutech SL160

The Alutech SL160 system provides architects and designers with the wide range of opportunities for large apertures – wall replacement by thermally insulated lift and slide doors, high anti-burglary capabilities, improved illumination and significant economy of the useful area. Specially designed sealing and ledge elements have been developed to withstand unfavorable weather conditions, reliably protecting the premises from wind, moisture and noise.


 Profile depth - 72 mm

 Thermal resistance - 0.77 m2 °C / W

 Acoustic performance - up to 40 dB

 IGU thickness - up to 50 mm

 Max height - 3200 mm

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