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uPVC Profiles

The Most Versatile Materials Of The 21st Century

The flexibility of PVC is found in many life applications, including the window and door manufacturing industry. The unique formulation of the uPVC blend used to manufacture windows and doors provides you with performant, energy-saving, and high quality products to choose from that will match your specific needs.

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Salamander uPVC Profile

uPVC profiles Salamander represent the highest level of quality among contemporary high-end uPVC profiles. They favourably stand out from what the Canadian window market offers today not only because they provide reliable protection from noise and wind, cold and heat, dirt and dust, but also have a unique design of snow-white color with pleasant to touch plastic. These profiles can be used for windows and doors.

Why Choose A Salamander uPVC Profile?

The Salamander Streamline profile system is the perfect choice for those who value elegance in home comfort. Salamander profiles combine the highest levels of security, thermal insulation and sound reduction. In addition, the weather-proof and easy-to-clean surfaces of Salamander uPVC windows set new standards in durability and ease of care. Everything you need to feel comfortable at home in every way.


 Maximum profile depth: 76 mm

 5-chamber profile

 Thermal resistance: 0.62 m2 °C / W

 Exemplary thermal insulation and waterproofing

 Sublime sound reduction

 Peerless snow-white surface

 The system was tested for frost resistance at -55°C

 Easy cleaning and maintenance

Rehau uPVC Profile

REHAU became one of the first companies to introduce welded vinyl window systems to North America in 1976, already having become a household name for value engineering throughout Europe. And while many early vinyl window builders in the American market sacrificed quality for price, REHAU never compromised, never stopped pushing design and engineering boundaries.

The Number One Profile Brand In Europe

REHAU’s ultimate mission for its advanced window and door structures is comfort and security – windows and doors that retain their beauty and luster for 40 years or more, that optimize daylight while keeping the inside environment comfortable and the outside environment - outside!


 Maximum profile depth - 86 mm

 5 / 6-chamber profile

 Thermal resistance - 0.77 m2 °C / W

 Excellent waterproofing - No condensate will ever accumulate on REHAU products due to a special shape of their synthetic rubber sealing.

 The longest lifetime of REHAU sealing - REHAU sealing is considered the best in the world among similar technical solution used to waterproof uPVC windows.

 Perfect soundproofing and energy -efficiency - by installing REHAU uPVC windows and doors with triple glazing and more you can reduce the exterior noise by half and, thus, get countryside quietness in the heart of a megapolis.

 Ideally smooth surface comfortable for cleaning and maintenance.

 Elegant design

The Following Lines Of Rehau Profiles Are Available

Rehau Grazio - 5 chambers, profile depth 70 mm.
Rehau Intelio - 6 chambers, profile depth 80 mm.
Rehau Geneo - 6 chambers, profile depth 86 mm.

Rehau Geneo is the most recent highly innovative profile that combines the best qualities of uPVC and fiberglass. Instead of relying on steel reinforcement inserts, Geneo is composed of RAU-FIPRO, a proprietary fiber composite material similar to those used in aeronautic construction and racing vehicles for outstanding strength and load capacities. RAU-FIPRO is the best of both worlds: PVC and fiberglass.

Rehau Grazio

Rehau Grazio

Rehau Intelio

Rehau Intelio

Rehau Geneo

Rehau Geneo

KBE uPVC Profile

KBE window and door systems are an excellent choice for those who value comfort and environmental friendliness. KBE profiles are designed entirely with greenline technology. The peculiarity of this technology is that instead of lead stabilizers it uses safe calcium and zinc compounds. Meanwhile, the same compounds are used in the production of plastic food packaging.

The Latest Technology In Window Manufacturing

KBE windows and doors do not evolve vapours of heavy metals throughout the entire life cycle - during manufacturing, operation and disposal. The latter is especially important since waste disposal directly affects the health of our future generations. Besides, excellent technical characteristics, multi-functionality and modern design make KBE windows a smart choice not only for residential property, but also for office spaces.


 Maximum profile depth - 70 mm

 5-chamber profile

 Thermal resistance - 0.66 m2 °C / W

 Environmental friendliness

 Security: reliable protection against break-in (due to design characteristics)

 Noise protection (due to increased tightness of KBE windows)



 Maximum profile depth - 76 mm

 5-chamber profile

 Glazing thickness from 16 to 50 mm

 Maximum height - 2.60 metres, maximum width - 6.50 metres

 Slender profile sight lines (the sash sight line is only 100 mm)

 Excellent thermal insulation

 Environmental friendliness

Dexen uPVC Profile

uPVC systems manufactured from Dexen profiles are high-tech products. These profiles are produced on modern plants using the latest technological developments and materials and parts from the world leading producers. The quality of products is carefully monitored on all production phases. All this makes Dexen windows and doors a guarantee of quality, innovation, design and technology.


 Maximum profile depth - 70 mm

 5-chamber profile

 Thermal resistance - 0.65 m2 °C / W

 Reliable protection from severe weather conditions

 Noise insulation

 Excellent energy-saving characteristics

 Additional door hardware can be installed (anti-burglary system, door lock, etc.)

 Can be used for windows and doors

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